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Blended Learning Courses for Civil Society Organisations

AKF’s approach to training uses a blended learning approach that combines video-based course content with highly interactive practice-oriented face-to-face workshops. Participants in AKF’s blended learning courses first complete a 1-2 hour video-based course and then take part in a 1-2 day hands-on workshop where they apply what they’ve learned. In addition to improving learning outcomes, the blended approach reduces training costs, ensures all course content is fully localised, and guarantees a common standard.

Courses are available across five core organisational capacity areas: Systems; Activities; Relationships; Adaptability; and Culture.

To enroll, or deliver, a blended learning course, follow the “get started” link on the specific course pages. This link will lead you to the Global Learning Management System for AKF’s Blended Learning Initiative. From there, you will be prompted to create an account before gaining access to the course modules and materials.

Which capacity area are you seeking to strengthen?